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What is a Transfer Sticker and How Does It Work?

They are made from a thin, adhesive material that allows them to be transferred from one surface to another. The sticker itself consists of 3 layers, a transfer tape, the vinyl sticker, a paper backing. Through the application process you'll remove the backing, apply the sticker onto the surface, then remove the transfer tape.

To apply a Transfer Sticker, slowly peel away the Clear Transfer Tape from the backing (making sure all pieces of the vinyl is on the transfer tape), choose your position, and press down smoothly onto your surface rubbing in on by moving from one corner to the opposite side. Finally removing the transfer tape and you'll be left with your final product.

Transfer stickers are the perfect option for logos, names, numbers and shop front designs. They are very durable, transfer stickers can be used as glass stickers, or on metal and other smooth surfaces, such as; windows, cars, bikes, boats, laptops, water bottles, etc.

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